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Lush InteriorScapes ~ Our Portfolio

Well placed interior plants can dramatically enhance the comfort and appearance of your home. Our Guaranteed Horticulture Service visits maintain the lush appearance of your plants for your enjoyment. Below are examples of homes where interior plantings complement the home’s existing design and décor.

Interior plants are used by many corporate clients to enhance their company’s image. Office environments can often be prone to being harsh and sterile. The addition of living trees and plants can transform it into a warm and inviting space for both your clients and employees alike. Research has shown that employees are more productive with the presence of live plants nearby. Plants remove toxins from the air and manufacture oxygen.

The photos below show how interior landscape design can not only soften these environments, but add warmth and beauty as well.

Blooming Color Rotations
Our Blooming Color Rotations are an excellent way to beautify your environment. They are often placed in reception areas and lobbies. The following are just a few examples of color rotations.

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